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the world is a song that gets stuck in my head

Former girl detective. Future femme fatale.
8 June 1989
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Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke.
- Lynda Barry

22 years old.
Mentally around 16.
Fond of tea.
Bad in the brain.
Not heterosexual.
Favorite color red.

As of October 2011, I'm trying to update this journal every day.

Sometimes I discuss or refer to subjects that may be upsetting to some readers, usually subjects related to mental illness and cognitive disability; I use a moderate amount of profanity; I rarely employ trigger warnings.

I am not particularly good at anything interesting or useful. I'm basically a down-and-out college dropout failure at life who still lives with her parents. But I like a lot of stuff, and I hate a lot of stuff, and I have a lot of what Tori Amos might call Really Deep Thoughts (though I'll try to keep my posts on those to a minimum).

Please comment, if you want to comment! I like ghosts in cyberspace. Ghostfriends. Yeah.

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